Signature Paw

42% ABV

Cheshire Cat combines 16 botanicals including grains of paradise, Szechuan pepper, orange peel and angelica to create a smooth, aromatic, sweet citrus gin with a rich, spiced finish. Inspired by the distinctive character of the Cheshire Cat.

“We’re all mad here. I am mad; you are mad…”



Tasting Notes


aromatic citrus


peppery and spiced citrus


smooth & aromatic

Serving suggestion:


The Meowtini cocktail is elegant, easy to make and uses only a few ingredients – puurfect for an impromptu get together or as an after dinner tipple!

Product information

Cheshire Cat lovingly creates his artisan gin and rum in small batches to exacting standards. The botanicals are carefully chosen from around the world and infused in the finest neutral grain spirit to create a distinctive, smooth, flavour. There is no added sugar and natural flavours and colourings in all of his gins.

Environmental & sustainability:

Our promise, where possible, whilst keeping your bottles safe – is to provide you with as eco-friendly packaging as we can. You can recycle your bottles after use as well – or up-cycle some of the cooler ones into household items from lamps to decorative features & vases.