A decadent, dark, bittersweet take on the Espresso Martini, using Cheshire Cat’s Mocha Flavoured Gin to turn this age old classic on it’s head!
The Raspberry Sourpuss – don’t let the name fool you. A pretty in pink take on the classic Clover Club with an indulgent, silky texture and enough sweet and sour to keep even the Queen of Hearts happy!
Cheshire Cat’s easy passion fruit and mango infused cocktail explodes with zingy flavours and is the puurfect drink for celebrating with his friends!
A Cheshire Cat twist on the classic Aviation cocktail, giving his Palma Violet Gin’s sweet floral notes room to soar!
The mother of all hangover cures – awaken your senses with this refreshing, zingy citrus based reviver!
The Rhubarb Creme Anglaise – a heavenly concoction of Cheshire Cat’s Rhubarb & Custard Gin and bubbles – a twist on the classic French 75 straight from Wonderland!
The Queen’s Soldier’s take on a negroni, using their gin for extra strength.
A twisted take on the classic Bramble cocktail using our limited edition Wonderland Gin, adding a colour changing surprise to it’s creation!
Don’t be late to the party – hop to it with a Rabbits Garden… a perfect light tipple to enjoy pre-dinner.
Start your evening the Mad Hatter way with his take on the iconic martini cocktail – packed with a marmalade punch and zesty lemon.
The Royal Spritz is a drink fit for a queen and her consorts.
Caterpillar’s favourite, a gin based twist on the classic Old Fashioned using his smoky, earthy Caterpillar Gin in place of whiskey.
The Cat’s Martini is elegant, easy to make and uses only a few ingredients – puurfect for an impromptu get together or as an after dinner tipple.